The "Team" is a virtual space where you can register items and invite members to collaborate on managing inventory. Typically, companies create one team for their operations. However, if you manage inventory in multiple locations, different teams can be created for each location.

BoxHero supports two types of teams: Basic Mode and Location Mode . You need to select the mode when creating a team, and it cannot be modified once the team is created.

Location Mode

Location Mode is used when the same item is stored in multiple locations. You can move/transfer items between locations and check the total inventory and quantities by each location. The example cases are as follows.

  • Item A is stored in 1st-floor and 2nd-floor warehouses, enabling precise inventory tracking per floor.

  • Items can be categorized and managed based on various statuses, including normal or defective.

  • The quantity of items exported and subsequently returned can be tracked effectively.

If each item is stored in a designated location, you can incorporate "location" as a category in the basic mode and record the respective location for each item.


Items are the basic units for inventory management. You can createitemsand register their name, barcode, photo, and item attributes.

  • SKU : This is a unique code that identifies an item, and cannot be duplicated. It will automatically be generated upon registering an item, but you can also enter the SKU manually.

  • Item Name

  • Barcode (Number or Text): If the barcode is not available, it can automatically be generated.

  • Picture : You can upload one photo per item.

  • Attribute: You can set customized attributes such as brand, manufacturer, color, and size as an "attribute."

  • Quantity : You can modify quantity using the Stock In,Stock Out,Adjustmenus.

Stock In / Stock Out / Adjust / Move

Stock In,Stock Out,Adjust, Move functions are used when there is a change in inventory quantity.

  • Stock In: The function is used to record the inbound stocks.

  • Stock Out: The function is used to record the outbound stocks.

  • Adjust: The function is used to record inventory level adjustments resulting from reasons other than Stock In or Stock Out such as losses or damages.

  • Move: The function is used to record inventory transfer between different locations (on the Location Mode).

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