Signing Up & Getting Started

Do I have to pay after the free trial is over?

The free trial is provided with the accessibility of the Business Plan(10 members, 2,000 products, 10 locations). If you wish to continue using the Business Plan, you can insert your payment information before the trial is over. If you do not insert any payment information, your trial will automatically change to the Single Plan(free). If you wish to use the Single Plan, adjusting your accessibility to the Single Plan is required.

Will my data remain even after the free trial is over?

After your free trial is over, your plan will be switched to the Single Plan(free) automatically. Your data will not be deleted even if you do not make any payment. However, if you have invited members or registered more than 100 products during the free trial, you must adjust your accessibility to the Single Plan or upgrade it to the Business Plan to use the service.

I tried to start the Single Plan, but accidentally a free trial for the Business Plan has started. How can I switch to the Single Plan?

For the first time users, BoxHero free trial is provided for free in the Business Plan so that the users can fully experience the service. Your trial will be automatically switched to the Single Plan after 30 days. If you wish to continue use as the Business Plan, please insert your payment information before the trial is over.

How can I upgrade from the Single Plan to the Business Plan?

From the Settings > Payment, please change it to the Business Plan or click Upgrade button from the bottom. Please insert your payment information correctly and start your subscription. Once the payment has been confirmed, you can use the Business Plan right away.

How long can I use the Single Plan for free?

The Single Plan is provided for free from BoxHero until any further notice. However, if you wish to invite members or register more than 100 products or 3 locations, upgrading to the Business Plan is required.

How can I make a payment?

The Single Plan is provided for free. For the Business Plan, please go to Settings to start your subscription. From the Yearly Plan and Monthly Plan, please choose on and insert your payment information. After checking the total amount of payment, please submit to finish. You can always change your plan or payment information anytime.

How do I logout(sign out)?

Please click the profile from the upper-right page and click the Sign Out button.

Can I change my logging in method?

Changing logging in account or method is unavailable.

How can I pay on BoxHero mobile app?

Unfortunately, in-app purchases are currently unavailable for BoxHero. App Store or Google Play’s market policy is not suitable for a team-based payment plan like BoxHero. We are working on providing mobile app payments available in the future.

To make a payment, please go to BoxHero PC web-app( and make a payment from the Settings after logging in. We are in preparation to support mobile payment as well. We ask for your understanding.

I don't have a barcode scanner. Does this mean I can't use barcodes?

With BoxHero app's mobile barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes to register product and make transactions without a separate scanner device or app. With BoxHero program, all-in-one management is Take advantage of BoxHero's all-in-one convenient inventory management.

I don't have any barcode information. Can I still use BoxHero?

Even if you don't have any barcode data, it's perfectly fine! BoxHero can generate barcode for your products automatically for a faster, easier inventory management. With barcodes, you can also print barcode labels and mobile app scanner in the future for convenient inventory management.

Do I have insert sign in code every time I sign in with E-mail?

For logging in BoxHero with E-mail, you must insert the code. Although it may be inconvenient, because BoxHero does not save passwords to protect personal information, sign in code is required for E-mail logging in at the moment.

How can I delete my account?

From the Settings, please click the Delete Account button on the upper-right corner. Please be aware that your data on BoxHero will not be restored after deleting your account.