Item List

Viewing and Sorting Items


Insert the item information from the search bar.

Category Filter

Sort by item category.

Sorting Filter

Sort by the name’s alphabetical order or number of quantities.

In Stock

By checking the ‘In Stock’ checkbox, you can view without out-of-stock items.

Adding Item and Data Center

From the upper-right corner, add items with the ‘+ Add’ button or edit item information from the ‘Data Center’.

Editing Item

Click the item to edit the item barcode, name, category, etc..

Make revisions and click Edit to complete.

Current Quantity & History

View the item’s quantity and transactions from the box on the right.

Make transactions directly from the buttons in the middle.

Print Label

Please clik the Print Label button.

Customize barcodes by clicking the Label Design Settings button.

Choose Label Template


If you are looking for a template other than the provided ones, please contact our customer support.

Page Settings

Select and insert the label size you are printing on.

Label Design Settings

Please insert the information you wish to print in the {{double braces}}.

  • Item name: {{name}}
  • Category: {{name of category}} (Please insert the category name in the double braces.)
  • Barcode: {{barcode}}

Check and Save

After checking the preview and the inserted size, save to print.


After inserting the number of copies, press the Print button.

You can also click the number for the copies to increase the number.

Saved Template

The previously printed label template is saved as a template to be used again next time.

Copy and Delete

Click the ‘Copy’ or ‘Delete’ button from the top of the editing page.


All information on the item is copied. Because barcodes cannot be duplicated, please insert or generate a new one.