Invite Members

You can grant custom permissions to members individually. Therefore, you can track who, when, and which items were involved in inventory transactions.

To Invite Members

You can invite members to BoxHero in the following two methods:

  • Invitation via email

  • Invitation via link

When inviting through a link, the link remains valid for 24 hours.

Basic Authorization Levels

You can choose one of the following three authorization levels.

  • Admin: The admin has access to all of the data.

  • Member: The member can modify data except for the tasks requiring higher authorization such as inviting other members, modifying payment settings, etc.

  • Viewer: The viewer can view the data, but cannot modify the data.

Custom Permissions

You can grant customized permissions to individuals according to their specific roles and responsibilities via Settings > Member > Custom Permissions.

  • Basic Inventory Data

  • Attribute

  • Account Data

  • Stock In

  • Stock Out

  • Adjust

  • Stock In Draft

  • Stock Out Draft

  • Purchase Price / Purchase Order

  • Sales Price / Sales Order

  • Inventory Analysis

  • Attribute: You can allow members to access and view specific item information only.

For example, specific members can be restricted to performing stock-in transactions or can be blocked from accessing sensitive information such as purchase/sales prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I restrict a member's access to inventory information in a specific location only?

In Location Mode, all members can access the inventory information of all locations. If you require location-specific permissions, we recommend creating multiple teams for different locations to limit access.

Can I restrict members to view inventory transaction history?

Currently, all members have access to view inventory transaction history. It is not possible to restrict access to historical data using custom permissions.

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