Can I include decimal values for inventory quantities?

You can only enter integers for inventory quantities at this moment.

Can BoxHero integrate with any e-commerce platforms?

Currently, the integration is not available. The previous integration functions with Naver Smart Store and Shopify have temporarily been disabled.

Can BoxHero integrate with POS?

Currently, the integration with POS is not available.

I created an account but the login page shows that it is an "unregistered email."

Make sure to login via the original sign-up method (Google vs. Email). If you signed up by email using a Gmail account, you should select Sign In by Email. Please contact our customer support center if the problem persists.

Can I call for an inquiry?

Phone consultations are currently unavailable. If you require assistance, please provide your contact number via email.

I have not received an e-mail verification code.

Please contact our customer support center.

Can I use the Purchase & Sales menu in the mobile app?

The Purchase & Sales menu is available in beta version on PC only.

Can I manage expiration dates?

Effectively managing inventory quantities based on expiration dates can present significant challenges. While we previously offered support through the Unit Mode, it is currently discontinued.

While we cannot provide exact inventory quantities by expiration date, we recommend utilizing the BEEP app for receiving timely notifications regarding upcoming expirations.

Can I manage inventory based on serial numbers or LOT numbers?

BoxHero is optimized for managing inventory quantities for fixed items. However, you can still manage inventory by creating separate item entries for each serial number or LOT number, if required.

It's important to note that our pricing policy is based on the number of items. Therefore, to prevent any potential overcharges, you should manually remove any outdated serial numbers or LOT numbers that are no longer in use.

How can I change my login method or account?

Sign up for BoxHero with a new account and then invite it to the existing team. You can delete your previous account or choose to leave the Team. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer support center for assistance.

Can I register a barcode for a box and scan it to record the number of individual items?

Currently, box barcodes are not supported. However, a similar implementation can be achieved through the "Bundles" feature under the Purchase & Sales menu (available in the beta version).

What happens to my data after the 30-day trial period is over

After you reach the end of the 30-day Free Trial period, your Teamspace will automatically change from the Business Plan to the free Personal Plan. The data you stored on BoxHero will not be deleted.

Can I back-up my inventory data?

The BoxHero database is automatically backed up on a daily basis, providing enhanced security. However, if you wish to create an additional backup, you can utilize the "Export Excel" function to save your data as an Excel file for backup purposes.

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