What is integration with Slack?

By adding the BoxHero app to Slack, you can receive notifications for various events that occur in BoxHero.

Setup Instructions

  1. Please go to [Settings] - [Integration & API] menu.

  2. In the [Integrations] section, click the [Add to Slack] button.

  3. For the BoxHero app to send messages to Slack, it requires certain access permissions for the respective workspace. Please review the required permission details and click the [Allow] button to grant permission.

  4. If you have successfully granted permission, you will be redirected to the BoxHero app's integration settings page. Select the Slack channel to receive notifications, choose the event list, decide on the language for the messages, and click the [Save] button.

  5. Once the configured event occurs, a message will be sent to the specified Slack channel.

Notifications Types

  • Stock In

    • Triggered when a user stocks an item in BoxHero.

  • Stock Out

    • Triggered when a user stocks out an item in BoxHero.

  • Movement

    • Triggered when a user moves an item to another location in BoxHero.

  • Adjustment

    • Triggered when a user adjusts the quantity of an item in BoxHero.

A Stock In notification will look like this:

Please contact us at should you have any questions regarding integration with Slack.

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