Inventory Transactions

You can modify inventory quantities through the "Stock In, Stock Out, Adjust, and Move" menus.
  • Stock In: It is used to record inbound inventory.
  • Stock Out: It is used to record outbound inventory.
  • Adjust: It is used to modify inventory quantities for reasons other than stock in or stock out, such as losses or damages.
  • Move: It is used to transfer inventory between locations (exclusive to Location Mode).
It will be recorded as an adjustment when registering the product to BoxHero for the first time.

Select Product(s) Individually

You can filter products by keywords in the product list, and select them individually to enter the quantities.

Bulk Update Using Excel

You can upload quantities for multiple products at once using an Excel file.
The Excel file should include columns for barcode and quantity.

Barcode Scan

You can use a barcode scanner to select products for stock-in and stock-out transactions.

Modify/Delete Stock In & Stock Out Records

You can modify or delete stock in/out records if you have entered them incorrectly. Please note that modifying past records will automatically update the current inventory quantities, so please be cautious.
Only administrators can modify and delete records.


You can print invoices for "Stock Out" transactions (outgoing inventories).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I handle returned items?

Please modify the existing Stock Out transaction or use the "Adjust" menu to update the inventory level accordingly.

Can I record the Stock In/Out transaction for a past time frame?

If you have missed a transaction, you can create the one again by selecting the specific "Date" under Stock In/Out menu.

Can I edit the date for existing transaction?

Currently, the date of existing transaction cannot be edited. You would have to delete the existing transaction and re-create one by selecting the right "Date."

Where is the "Move" menu?

The "Move" menu is only available in Location Mode. You cannot change the mode of your team at your end. Please contact our customer support if you would like to change the mode of your team.