Purchase & Sales

Purchase & Sales feature is in beta, with mobile support coming later.

You can manage the entire inventory cycle within BoxHero including purchasing, receiving, selling, and shipping using the Purchase & Sales feature.

Key Features

  • Create purchase orders, sales slips, and reflect them in inventory when they are actually received/released.

  • Track price based on individual orders or contracts.

  • Analyze your sales & purchases in the Sales Analysis menu.

  • You can create bundled items (set products, boxes).


You can organize your items into sets, or bundle them in boxes.

You can organize your bundled items as shown below.

  1. Add a bundled item called [Suit Set]

    1. Connect items: 2 Jackets + Pants

  2. Create a sales order and ship the [Suit Set].

  3. 2 Jackets + Pants reflected in inventory


The status of a purchase order looks like the following.

  • Order Placed: You can send your purchase order through email.

  • Awaiting Arrival: Your partner has sent the items but you haven’t received them yet.

  • Partially Received: Items are partially received.

  • Received: You received all the items from the purchase order.

Status change to ‘Awaiting Arrival’ is not automatic.


The status of a sales order looks like the following.

  • Awaiting Departure: A sales order has been created but you haven’t shipped the items yet.

  • Partially Sent: One or more item has been sent.

  • Sent: You have sent all the items in the sales order.

Email Delivery

You can send a sales order/purchase order to your partner via email.


You can select between two different discount methods.

  • Rate Discount: Select a rate like 10% off an item.

  • Price Discount: Select a set amount like $50 off an item.


You can select between two taxation methods.

  • Inclusive: Tax is included in the item price.

  • Exclusive: Tax is exclusive of the item price.

Discounts are applied before taxes.

Return/Exchange Processing

You have to edit both the sales order and the stock out record when there is a return/exchange.

Editing sales order will not be reflected in inventory.

Sales Analysis

You can analyze sales data using sales and purchase orders.

Profit Analysis

You can retrieve gross profit derived from the item’s purchase price.

You can check the following metrics.

  • Average Sales Price: Sales / Orders

  • Sales Quantity: Total number of items sold.

  • Sales Amount: Revenue derived from items sold.

  • Net Profit: Sales Amount - (Purchase Price * Sales Quantity)

    • Does not support FIFO

  • Profit Rate: Net Profit / Sales Amount

Purchase & Sales Analysis

You can check the following metrics.

  • Sales Quantity: Total number of items sold.

  • Sales Amount: Revenue derived from sales.

  • Purchase Quantity: Total number of items ordered.

  • Purchase Amount: Purchase cost derived from purchases.

  • Profit: Sales Amount - Purchase Amount

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Purchase & Sales menu available on the mobile app?

No, currently the menu is in beta version and only accessible on PC.

How should I handle exchanges or returns?

First, you should update the invoice, and then make the necessary modifications to the associated sales order. Please be aware that the inventory quantities for each item are not updated automatically, so the sales status in the Sales menu should be manually updated.

Can I set the unit prices specifically for each trading partner (customer or supplier)?

Currently, it is only possible to specify a single price for the item.

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