Print Barcode

By printing and attaching barcode labels to products, you can efficiently and accurately manage inventory. You can simply scan the barcode using a barcode scanner or mobile phone to record inventory transactions such as Stock In/Out.
You can print barcodes at the Print Barcode > Product menu.
You can select products individually or import product lists from Excel files to print barcodes.

Customize Barcode Design

Our system supports 1D barcodes and QR codes and provides templates for various sizes. You can easily customize the contents to be printed on the labels per your business needs, including font size, boldness, etc.
By entering the following information in the text area, the product details will be automatically substituted for printing.
  • Product Name : {{name}}
  • Barcodes : {{barcode}}
  • Category : {{size, color, etc.}}

Printer and Paper

The BoxHero label printing feature is compatible with all types of printers and papers.

Standard Printer

You can print the barcodes using a standard printer on A4 label sheets (sticker type) that could be purchased through any stationery store or online shopping mall. Popular manufacturers like Formtec offer such label sheets.
The dimensional information for commonly used label sheets is preloaded in our system so you can select the type of paper and print without specifying dimensions.

Thermal Transfer Printers / Direct Thermal Printers

TSC and Zebra printers are the most well-known brands, while XPrinter is a Chinese brand that offers affordable models.
Simply purchase thermal transfer/ direct thermal label sheets in the desired size and install them in the printer to print.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which printer should I purchase to print barcodes?

Since our system is compatible with all printers, you can choose a printer based on your budget and preferred brand. You can purchase printers from reputable brands such as Zebra, Bixolon, and TSC within the price range of USD 200~500. Alternatively, you can opt for the Chinese brand XPrinter, which could be under USD 100, although the print quality may be slightly lower.

Why is the barcode printing in a rotated position?

If the paper size is not properly set, it can result in the barcode being printed in a rotated position. Please access the system printer settings System Control > Printer Setting and configure the default paper size accordingly.

Why is the barcode or QR code printing in red?

If there is an unprintable value within the barcode or QR code, the red box is printed. Please verify that the values assigned to the barcode area are alphanumeric or numeric.

What kind of barcode format does BoxHero generate?

The barcode is printed in the widely compatible Code128 format. The random numbers generated during barcode auto-generation are compatible with the EAN13 format. If you prefer to print in the EAN13 format, please contact our customer service.

Can I insert an image such as a company logo on a barcode label?

The feature to include images or logos is not available at the moment.