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Barcodes streamline your inventory management workflow, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. The BoxHero app allows you to scan barcodes directly with your smartphone phone: you do not have to purchase a separate barcode scanner.

  • Please register the existing barcode on the item if it already exists.

  • If there is no barcode, please auto-generate, print, and attach one to the items.

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With Barcode Scan, You Can

  • Register Items

  • Search Items

  • Stock In, Stock Out, Adjust, and Move

  • Count Inventory (on the mobile app only)


You can use Bluetooth or USB type of barcode scanners.


You can easily scan barcodes using BoxHero's in-app camera on your mobile devices without the need for purchasing a separate scanner. Moreover, you can connect a Bluetooth scanner to your mobile device for barcode scanning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of barcode scanner should I buy?

BoxHero is compatible with any kind of barcode scanner. When purchasing a barcode scanner, consider factors such as budget and user requirements, size, and interface compatibility for your business need.

Can you recommend any barcode scanner?

There are several well-known brands such as Zebra and Bixolon that manufacture barcode scanners. These brands offer a wide range of models with prices ranging from USD 200~1,000. For a cost-effective option, the Netum c720 model is recommended.

What could be the reason for the barcode not being recognized after scanning?

To ensure barcode recognition in BoxHero, please enter the barcode number and press Enter. Verify if the scanned barcode, including the Enter key, is being recognized correctly by placing the cursor in a text editor. Note that some barcode scanner manufacturers offer an option to include an Enter key after scanning. Please refer to the scanner's manual for further instructions.

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