Inventory Count

When it comes to inventory management, inventory counts are essential processes for businesses that manage physical items.

Due to various factors, there may be discrepancies between the physical quantity and the system count. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out regular inventory counts to align the actual quantity with the system and make necessary updates.

PC Version

  • Multiple users can work simultaneously on an inventory count.

  • You can conduct an inventory count for all items or selected (partial) items.

  • You can use a barcode scanner connected to the PC when conducting an inventory count.

Inventory Count Procedure

  1. The Team Admin creates an inventory count project.

  2. The Team Admin adds Task Sheets for each Person in Charge.

  3. Each Person in Charge enters the inventory quantities on the Task Sheet(s).

  4. Once all Task Sheets have been submitted, the Team Admin will review and close them.

Upon completing the inventory count, the inventory quantity entered on the task sheets will be overwritten as the final quantity. The updated quantity will be recorded as "Adjust" in your Transactions history.

Items that were selected for the inventory count but were not counted will be considered "out of stock" and their quantities will be adjusted to "0."

Task Sheet

The Person in Charge can input the quantities directly on BoxHero or scan barcodes to enter inventory quantities. Task sheets can only be modified by the Team Admin or Person in Charge.

You can temporarily save your work as a draft and continue working on your task sheet(s) later.

Mobile Version

To be integrated with the PC version soon. Stay tuned for updates!

The BoxHero app currently includes an inventory count feature. Please scan the barcode of each item in your inventory.

  • The current quantity will be overwritten with the scanned quantity.

  • The number of items that have not been scanned previously will be updated to 0.

Please ensure that you scan all the items, as the quantity of any items that have not been scanned will be recorded as 0.

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