You can add custom formulas to generate reports that fit your specific business needs.

Easy Add

You can add predefined commonly used formulas to generate inventory reports.

  • Sales Management

    • Total Purchase Amount: Purchase Price x Total Stock-In Quantity

    • Total Sales Amount: Sales Price x Total Stock-Out Quantity

    • Net Profit: Sales Price - Purchase Price

    • Gross Profit : (Sales Price - Purchase Price) x Total Stock-Out Quantity

    • Profit Rate : (Sales Price - Purchase Price) ÷ Sales Price

    • Daily Average Profit : (Sales Price x Total Stock-Out Quantity ÷ Number of Days

    • Daily Average Gross Profit : (Sales Price - Purchase Price) x Total Stock-Out Quantity ÷ Number of Days

  • Inventory Management

    • Inventory Asset: Purchase Price x Current Quantity

    • Inventory Turnover Ratio: Total Stock-Out Quantity ÷ Average Quantity in a Period

    • Average Daily Stock-In Quantity: Total Stock-In Quantity" ÷ Number of Days

    • Average Daily Stock-Out Quantity: Total Stock-Out Quantity" ÷ Number of Days

    • Reorder Check : if(Current Quantity< Minimum Stock, "Reorder Needed", "-")

    • Stock-Out Estimate in Days: Current Quantity ÷ (Total Stock-Out Quantity ÷ Number of Days)

Custom Formula

Autocomplete Variables

By entering $, you can bring variables for inventory-related data.

Available Functions

BoxHero provides functions similar to Excel functions.

  • +, -, *, / : Basic arithmetic operation

  • if(Value or expression to be evaluated, Return value/expression when True, Return value/expression when False)

  • round(Number to be rounded, Decimal places)

  • roundUp(Number to be round up, Decimal places)

  • roundDown(Number to be round down, Decimal places)

  • toNumber(String to be converted into a numeric value, Number to show when conversion fails)

  • tostring(Number to be converted into a string)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I calculate the total inventory value?

Add the formula by following the steps: Report > Analysis > Formula Setting > Add Formula > Easy Add > Inventory Management > Inventory Asset Please note that this formula calculates the inventory value using the registered purchase price.

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